Caterina Ciuffetelli returns at the Forzani Gallery with her latest solo show “Imperfect Order“; a careful selection of works that from 2017 properly frame its latest production.

There is an eternally open question that haunts the minds of scientists and artists alike, inscrutable as bewitching is wearing by constitution, Time. Buying almost economic value time is spent but never manages to be evaluated or bartered in any way. This leads us to look for a bargaining chip so precious that we can get one more portion, a moment.


Pre-historic 9 • frottage su carta su cellotex - 30x36 cm - 2017


In 2011, Michele Lambo drew my attention to this artist from Terni, Caterina Ciuffetelli, assuring me that her work would interest me. Curious, I took a look on the internet to see what she was doing. From Michele’s descriptions I had understood that she focuses on signs and I was pleased to confirm this.

Langage 17 - 2008 - sabbia e intonaco su cellotex - cm 50x50


Nelle opere della serie Langage di Caterina Ciuffetelli è proprio il senso essenziale della sacralità del linguaggio ad avanzare verso lo spettatore, con tutta l’immediatezza dell’impressione visiva.

Caterina Ciuffetelli - Half wheel - 2003 - acrilico e vinilica su cellotex - cm 50x70


What is left from the lesson made by abstract art? Is it still up to date the possibility- as Léon Gischia said-to sostitute an imaginary real to the imitated real?” and more: can we keep on talking about peculiarity? Those are repeating questions, since the last decade’s painting has taken the realism and hyper-realism’s path.